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From Chief
to Chef!

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Hello, Let me introduce myself my name is Rosezett Land, I am a Disabled Veteran and a user and advocate of Cannabis and CBD.  I started my company because of my NEED to find an alternative to Prescription MEDs.  As my military career was winding down I realized I was taking too many drugs just to function overall.  I realized that my life wouldn’t be worth anything if I continued to take that toxic cocktails of prescription meds.  



I retired 31 January 2019 with 22 years of service.  I started doing my research on the benefits of CBD and how it could help me manage my pain.  As I worked to absolutely incorporate Cannabis and CBD into my “Everyday” life I got in the kitchen and THIS GRANOLA is a result.  It is a different way to experience the benefits of CBD without smoking or taking a tincture.  It taste GREAT and it makes you feel great too!  It comes in four flavors: Honey-Lemon, Maple Butter Pecan, Strawberry and Peanut Butter.



I want to remove the Stigma of using Cannabis and CBD period.  I represent Veterans everywhere that wants and NEEDS an alternative to Prescription MEDs.  Lastly I struggle with Anxiety, PTSD and PAIN, Cannabis allows me to FUNCTION without stopping my creative self and I LOVE IT!  Come take a seat at the Table!  ALL IS WELCOME= Hey Y’all!



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